Friday, September 4, 2009

News September 4, 2009

Through an article entitled, "Homeschool 101: What are the Statistics?" we learn about an important homeschool research organization, National Home Education Research Institute.

Karen Berger writes about "Music Instruction for Homeschoolers" at Suite 101.

Alyssa at The Dream Box Blog writes a great post, "Math Learning Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers." It's well worth the read.

The Thinking Mother writes about her children ignoring an adult who asks them why they are not in school. I thought, "OK" until I read the comments. Then I thought, "Great. It's worth being included."


  1. We'd be happy if you want to mention our article in your organization's newsletter. Would you please link to us or mention our author when you do?

  2. Thanks, the newsletter should be going out this week.